18 Must-Have Traits for a Fulfilling Romantic Connection

Monarch Butterfly

With three decades of relationship experience, including a 28-year commitment to a man (~18 years married, 10 years dating) and a 3-year relationship with a woman, I’ve gained unique insights into both the successes and challenges of romantic connections. These diverse experiences, across heterosexual and LGBTQIA+ relationships, have given me a profound understanding of what … Read more

Reconnecting with Guadalupe River State Park and the Bird Blinds

I have warm memories and gratitude for my time spent volunteering at the Guadalupe River State Park (GRSP) bird blind with my daughter, Sara. This activity continued in various capacities until December 2019, deepening our appreciation for nature and our mother-daughter bond. How It All Began Our bird blind journey began shortly after I obtained … Read more

Embracing the Unexpected: Overcoming Creative Limitations

For most of my life, I believed I was not artistic. Despite being an avid writer and photographer, I felt my creative abilities paled compared to my family’s talents which flourished around me growing up—my mother’s exquisite handcrafted miniatures, my father’s precision modelling and assembly, and my brother’s formal art education. However, after experimenting with … Read more