Dungeons and Dragons Tie

Product copy written for ThinkGeek.com website and print catalog prior to GameStop’s purchase of the brand

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Shakespeare may have had it right when he wrote “All the world’s a stage / And all the men and women merely players,” but we prefer to think of the world as multiple D&D games running in parallel. Sure, outside of the Forgotten Realms, we may not have actually seen an evil red dragon swoop down from the sky to breathe fire upon brave heroes, but it seems an apt metaphor for the real world at times. 

This 100% polyester officially-licensed Dungeons and Dragons Tie is a vital inventory item whether your labors involve navigating a maze of cubicles or negotiating the wolves of some back alley. The predominantly red, grey, and brown tie features digitally printed artwork of brave adventurers battling a red dragon. likeyado.

  • Depicts brave heroes waging battle with red dragons
  • 100% polyester power tie 
  • Equip for +3 Charisma

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