As a skilled technical writer, I have experience in crafting written communications on behalf of others (ghostwriting). In line with corporate policy, I am pleased to share an anonymized sample of my work. This document, a part of a monthly corporate newsletter that was distributed to over 5,000 employees, provides a glimpse into the caliber of my writing and the value I can offer:

As we enter summer and pause to celebrate U.S. Independence Day, I encourage each of you to rest and reconnect with your family and friends. I hope we each also take time to reflect on the history of our country and how we can do better as individuals and, collectively, to uphold the ideals of our nation’s founding documents. Our nation, like our organization, is stronger together.

July marks our 4th month working remotely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I continue to be impressed by the progress and partnership in the program. This effort is exemplified by the major milestone, on June 18th , of the formal approval of the plan that was submitted on May 15th . This is a direct result of the commitment of the entire team. I appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication to this effort, with special thanks to the planning team. This is a significant achievement for the program.

On June 30th, we completed our formal Q1 and Q2 goals. We appreciate the contributions of everyone on the program to this effort. We need your continued focus and dedication as we address Q3 work and beyond.

We know there is a long road ahead, and your executive team is here to support each of you and each of the teams as you execute against the approved plan.

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