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Product copy written for website and print catalog prior to GameStop’s purchase of the brand

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Some of us are celebrated for our successes in the kitchen, while some of us (guilty!) are the source of much amusement. The smoke alarm at dinner again? Yes, that was us. Part of our problem is we are always missing an essential tool, or it is just out of reach. Since we aren’t going to be growing longer arms anytime soon, sourcing more tools is the plan. But in real life, as in games, we don’t want to be over-encumbered with stuff. Surely there’s a way to support our continued skill progression in the kitchen without acquiring a half dozen or more new measuring spoons and cups, for example?

Huzzah! The Cook’s Mug is an all-in-one measuring cup that includes both fluid measures and dry weights, including specific measurements for cooking staples such as rice, sugar, and flour. The mug is made of dishwasher and microwave safe Borosilicate glass and will slot nicely into your kitchen inventory.

Product Specifications

  • Cook’s Mug
  • Measuring cup for liquids, rice, sugar, flour, and more
  • Perfect gift for the cook, baker, or scientist

Kitchen Essentials

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