Scientifically Accurate (or thereabouts) Motorized Solar System

Product copy written for website and print catalog prior to GameStop’s purchase of the brand

ThinkGeek product page (Motorized Solar System)
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The night sky and the cosmos have been calling to us since the dawn of humanity. Long before we discovered we are not, in fact, the center of the universe, we have been cataloging stars and other celestial phenomena. Carl Sagan’s observation that “astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience” remains apt as new discoveries bring us tantalizing new puzzles to solve (TRAPPIST-1! A Jupiter-sized star 39 light-years distant with seven Earth-sized planets, three within the star’s habitable zone?! Clearly we are still relative n00bs, here.) The universe is even more exciting than we thought. And we thought it was pretty dang exciting to begin with.

Learn more about our own solar system with the Scientifically Accurate (or thereabouts) Motorized Solar System. This mechanical model of the solar system, an orrery, illustrates the fundamentals of planetary motion. With the included star dome, you can also light up your walls and ceiling with 38 constellations. A full-color constellation guide is included.


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