December 21, 2014

Free Stuff from NASA – 2013 Edition

Original Mural at Johnson Space Center in Houston. 
Photo Credit: NASA

What's NASA done for you lately? Oh, you mean apart from keeping a continuously inhabited orbiting laboratory (International Space Station) in productive operation for over 12 years (since November 2, 2000,) monitoring probes sent to the farthest reaches of our Solar System (Voyager 1 & Voyager 2), and a probe arriving at Jupiter in 2016 (Juno), launching countless scientific missions to study the Earth (Van Allen Probes), Sun (Solar Dynamics Observatory), and Moon (GRAIL), … [Read more...]

Get Your SpaceUp!

Session board for SpaceUp DC on Day 1. Credit: Cariann Higgenbotham (@Cariann)

SpaceUp is a fun, free-form conference about anything and everything related to space. SpaceUps are based on the widely successful "unconference" format where attendees, themselves, are the primary drivers of the content, structure and schedule of the conference. You don't have to be a rocket scientist, engineer, astronaut, educator, or space geek to attend, yet you will meet and gain insights from people in many of these fields at a SpaceUp conference! This weekend, February 12 & 13, … [Read more...]

Essential Space & Science Websites

Comparison between a flame on Earth & a flame in a microgravity environment

Undoubtedly, you already use many of these essential space, science, technology, education and mathematics websites, but I've included enough to ensure there are a few you haven't visited or haven't yet fully explored. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all possible sites; rather, it's a convenient page to bookmark and consult as needed. Sites are listed in alphabetical order. Link provided is to English translation, where available. 2011 in Spaceflight: Wikipedia - … [Read more...]

Best Space Science Apps?

ISS Flight Control Room (FCR) - February 2010

The following list is focused on iOS (iPad/iPhone) devices only because I don't have direct experience with modern non-iOS mobile devices. For space/science app recommendations for any other platform, visit's mobile applications list. Let's start with the free stuff, shall we? These free apps actually rival some of the commercial apps I have run across. FREE Apps: NASA App / NASA App HD for iPad - NASA's official app; LOTS to see here on all of NASA's missions and … [Read more...]