December 22, 2014

Definitive Tweetup Attendee Gear List

Tweet by @danielscuka that inspired this blog post

The tweet that inspired this blog post happened to deal with one of NASA's Space Shuttle launch tweetups, in this case the one held for the final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour (STS-134): Are you heading to a day-long or multi-day event where you anticipate using social media to document and share the experience with friends, family and followers? Perhaps you have been selected to attend a formal tweetup event, such as an upcoming NASA Tweetup, Space Camp Tweetup, NASM Pilot Day … [Read more...]

Getting Back into Backyard Astronomy

Amateur astronomers

  I've always loved astronomy, despite being a very casual astronomer. I cannot correctly identify a dozen constellations in the night sky, much less individual stars, and I am unable to provide directions to locate even the most well-known Messier objects. (This will change!) Nevertheless, I have very fond memories of setting up a folding chair in my parents' backyard, armed with my binoculars, a lightweight jacket and/or insect repellent, a night vision-friendly (red filter) … [Read more...]