December 3, 2016

Free Stuff from NASA – 2013 Edition

Original Mural at Johnson Space Center in Houston. Photo Credit: NASA

Original mural at Johnson Space Center in Houston.
Photo Credit: NASA

What’s NASA done for you lately? Oh, you mean apart from keeping a continuously inhabited orbiting laboratory (International Space Station) in productive operation for over 12 years (since November 2, 2000,) monitoring probes sent to the farthest reaches of our Solar System (Voyager 1 & Voyager 2), and a probe arriving at Jupiter in 2016 (Juno), launching countless scientific missions to study the Earth (Van Allen Probes), Sun (Solar Dynamics Observatory), and Moon (GRAIL), and landing a 2000 lb. robotic rover (Mars Curiosity) on the surface of Mars via a never-before-used SkyCrane…?

Here on Earth, NASA is also busy inspiring and educating, through its award-winning NASA Social events, open houses, and a wealth of free stuff: desktop wallpapers, ebooks, apps, paper spacecraft models, posters, and more!

A Primer to Some of the Free Stuff from NASA …

Desktop Wallpapers:


  • NASA provides Free E-books on aeronautics, history, science, and other topics, as well as information on how to view them on your favorite e-book reader.

Mobile Apps:

  • Make sure you have NASA with you on-the-go by outfitting your mobile device(s) with some of NASA’s iOS and Android apps!
    • There are many more space & science apps, by the way, if you don’t mind paying $0.99 or more — Best Space Science Apps (I’ll be updating this for 2013, including Android apps, soon!)

Spacecraft Paper Models:

Audio Files & Streaming Music:

  • Treat your ears to a great mix of New Rock/Indie/Alternative music by tuning in to NASA’s own Third Rock Radio – “America’s Space Station”. Occasionally, they have guest DJs on, like Mars Curiosity Flight Director Bobak Ferdowsi (@tweetsoutloud), aka “NASA Mohawk Guy”
  • Relive some of NASA’s historic spaceflights, test firings, and recent missions by checking out their collection of free NASA sounds. They even provide information on how to convert the audio files into ringtones!

Posters & Calendars:

In addition to all the above, if you live anywhere near a NASA center, visit it and you will usually be able to find fact sheets and other cool stuff.

Did I miss incredible online free stuff provided directly by NASA to the public? If so, post your links in the comments. Thanks!

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  1. Aaron Harper says:

    Sorry, but you missed my all time favorite resource: NASA Technical Reports Server

  2. Great post!

    Don’t forget the free printable ISS calendar.


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